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While not the most exciting page on the site, it’s important that you know how we remain unbiased in our review system. Basically, we’re not taking bribes from meal manufacturers to offer a better review on one product or another.

How we review meals

All meals are reviewed by the staff at OutdoorFoodLab. We do not copy or use content for our review from other sources whatsoever. All photo’s of meals, and content generated are done by our staff.

We have three criteria for how we review meals. Two are subjective (taste and preparation) to the reviewer, and one (weight) is based on how many calories per oz the meal contains. We allow our reviewers to pick meals that they would otherwise already like based on their preferences. As an example, we will not assign a reviewer an Indian meal which may receive a bad review simply because the reviewer does not care for Indian food. We have a list of meals that are scheduled to be reviewed on a database. The reviewer picks from that list the meals that they would like to review based on their taste. Each reviewer is paid a flat rate fee for each review by OutdoorFoodLab, so they will make the same amount for each review regardless of how they score the meal.

Affiliate link content

At OutdoorFoodLab, we strive to give our users the most unbiased reviews of backpacking, hiking, camping, and survival meals possible. One of the ways we pay for hosting, meals, and our time is through affiliate linking. You will notice that on the bottom of our reviews are links where the the product reviewed can be bought from various vendors. If you choose to purchase a product that we’ve reviewed by clicking on the link, we receive a commission from the vendor (usually Amazon, Walmart, or Ebay).

We do not receive incentives directly from meal manufacturers to rate a certain product better than another. We do accept gifts or any other incentives from meal manufacturers to provide a favorable review for their product. We may receive the meal that we are reviewing for free from the manufacturer, but there is a person that acts as a buffer between the meal manufacturer and the reviewer, so that the reviewer does not know rather the meal has been provided for free or if it was purchased by OutdoorFoodLab for the review. Review scores are not rejected or altered by any staff at OutdoorFoodLab once they are published. OutdoorFoodLab is not owned or operated by any meal manufacturers. Nobody employed by OutdoorFoodLab has any relation to any employee of any meal manufacturer.

OutdoorFoodLab has very high standards for a product to obtain a 5 star review. Occasionally we will do a bad review on a meal. There may be occasions where a vendor requests another review by us because they have revised or attempted to make a product better. If we do another review on a product that we’ve previously reviewed, we will clearly state this in the second review, and explain why we’ve decided to provide another review.

We take every possible measure to provide an unbiased review for meals, and provide links to purchase that product from various vendors at the lowest cost. It’s really as simple as that.

OutdoorFoodLab complies with all FTC laws and regulations pertaining to endorsements and testimonial websites.

Other legal stuff

OutdoorFoodLab provides reviews, information, and comparison data about various kinds of backpacking and camping meals. Occasionally, we may accidentally list information about a meal incorrect. This may include allergen info such as gluten, dairy, or nut allergies. Ultimately, it is up to the consumer to verify that the meal they purchase and consume does not contain ingredients they may be allergic to. There may also be occasions where a meal manufacturer changes the ingredients of a meal and adds an allergen after we’ve reviewed and listed its information on our site. OutdoorFoodLab is not responsible for any injury or illness as a result of a meal that we’ve reviewed or recommended.

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