AlpineAire – Three Cheese Lasagna

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After a long morning of climbing in the High Peaks region of the Adirondack Mountains, we were looking forward to testing AlpineAire’s Three Cheese Lasagna. Unfortunately, our optimism was not warranted.

We followed the directions meticulously, yet the result was a water-logged, nearly tasteless meal that resembled poorly cooked pasta over lasagna. There were no hints of cheese despite the “three cheese” recipe, and while there was plenty of hot water, we were still left with several crunchy pasta flakes.




AlpineAire – Three Cheese Lasagna
AlpineAire – Three Cheese Lasagna

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Specification: AlpineAire – Three Cheese Lasagna

Calories per Ounce


Calories per Package


Carbs per Package


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Gluten Free


Food Allergens

Dairy, Soy, Wheat

Pack Weight (oz)

6 oz

Prep Time

12 Minutes

Shelf Life

5 Years



We were looking forward to this meal’s simple and straightforward preparation instructions, especially since we were using the back of a canoe in lieu of a table. While the preparation was in fact fairly easy (remove the oxygen absorber, add boiling water, and wait), poor instructions ruined what should have been an easy win.

While the package states to use “two cups of water,” the resulting meal (even after steeping for 12 minutes) was water-logged, as you can see from the picture below. We estimate that 1.5 cups of water would have done, meaning you would have carried and unnecessarily used extra water, a sacrilegious act in many outdoor activities. Even in the promising “EZ-fill” line on the packaging turned out to be less than helpful, given you can only use it after the water has already been measured, boiled, and poured.



Over the years, we have experienced a renaissance in outdoor food, with taste profiles improving significantly. Not so with AlpineAire’s Three Cheese Lasagna.

You would expect a few things from a “three cheese” recipe, one of which is cheese. While there was some visual evidence, none of it transferred to our taste buds. We would classify this as a soupy pasta with below-average tomato sauce – a far cry from any lasagna we’ve experienced.



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