Ultralight Hiking Food Reviews

Ultralight Hiking Food Reviews

When it comes to how much your camping food weighs, there are generally two groups of people:

  1. People who don’t care—Often car campers, day hikers, casual backpackers, or people staying at campsites with amenities such as trash disposal.
  2. People who really care—This group largely consist of thru hikers who tackle treks where you’re carrying everything on your back (hike-in, hike-out).

While those are the primary groups, we’ve also noticed a newer, growing segment of people: outdoor enthusiasts—both novices and experts—who want to reduce the weights of their packs so they can go further, take on tougher challenges, and have more fun.

Be sure to read our article on ultralight hiking food.

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Ultralight Organic Coconut Oil
Crisco Coconut Oil
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Ultralight Hoosier Hill Farm Premium Butter Powder
Premium Butter Powder
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Ultralight Omega Power Creamer
Omega Power Creamer
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Ultralight Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter Americano
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Ultralight Ketogenic Hiking Food
Perfect Ketogenic
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Ultralight Coconut Oil Powder
Quest Nutrition
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Ultralight virgin olive oil powder
Olive Oil Powder
Outdoor Food Lab
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